Because Of Course

The State Department, finally, is beginning to work on arranging charter flights for those Americans and their families currently trapped in Israel by American airlines’ timidity in flying into that nation.

But. But, but, but.

US law requires billing Americans for evacuations.

One of the first duties of government is to protect the citizens for whom it is responsible. But our government will send a bill to those for whom its exercising that responsibility. I’ll come back to this in a bit.

Meanwhile, illegal immigrants collect free assistance.

That’s actually illegal aliens; it’s disappointing that Just the News still acts like it doesn’t understand that. Anyway….

[T]he Biden administration’s generous financial support for the accommodation and relocation of illegal [aliens] to the United States.

Bill Americans, but pay the illegal aliens.

The law mandating requiring Americans to pay for their own evacuation needs to be changed. Americans who traveled in good faith—e.g., to Israel—should not have to pay to be saved from the dire circumstances that get inflicted on them by exogenous forces; that should be on the governments (yes, on us taxpayers’) nickel. Only those who foolishly, willfully travel to known danger zones—e.g., to Gaza, or Iran, or (today) the People’s Republic of China—should be required to pay for their ride out of the trouble they got themselves into. That’s long-term, though.

In the near-term, the Biden administration needs to stop flying—or transporting by any means—or providing any other form of financial support to illegal aliens. The only thing they should get at no further cost (they’ve already paid a high price to enter our nation illegally) is a ride back to their North American home countries or simply back into Mexico for non-New World illegal aliens. And that free ride should occur immediately on apprehension.

Full stop.

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