A Cynical Offer

Colony Ridge is a residential development just north of Houston which a number of reports claim

is a “colonia,” an “illegal alien settlement,” a haven for drug cartels and crime, among other accusations.

Most of those reports are from news outlets, so there’s that. Members of the Republican Party also are the source of some of those reports, so….

Nevertheless, what drew my eye was this offer by Colony Ridge CEO John Harris, which he made, made for today, in a letter to Texas’ State Congress politicians:

In order to refute these false accusations, we are inviting all legislators to tour and visit our community on October 5 at 11 AM. We will provide you a tour of the community, an overview of our operation and allow you to interact with our employees and customers[.]

And this: Legislators are required to RSVP.

Sure. Come at the carefully specified time, and only those vetted Congressmen will be “allowed in.” Nothing screams of careful sanitization and coverup more loudly than naming a permissible timeframe, by which the development will be carefully sanitized. Just like a visit to El Paso by Progressive-Democrat Joe Biden.


Texas’ Congressmen and Senators should call Harris’ hand and visit and walk through Colony Ridge on their own, individually or groups of their choosing, and they should do it at their own time and with no notice. And not all at once.

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