Talking about the Weather

That’s what Hunter Biden, Devon Archer—both Burisma board of directors members at the time—then-Vice President Joe Biden, and Marc Holtzman discussed in the Vice President’s Naval Observatory residence. Or maybe not.

Holtzman wanted to advocate for former Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov—today imprisoned in his country on treason charges—to become the next United Nations Secretary General.

The quid pro quo:

Hunter Biden and Archer hoped Holtzman—then the top official at Kazakhstan’s largest bank—could help deliver an energy deal for their Burisma client in Ukraine with Kazakhstan. Joe Biden was in a position to influence both.

The quid pro for the quid pro quo:

The other reasons for Massimov were Burisma Eurasia, because he was the Prime Minister, and Burisma was trying to expand its businesses, so I [Archer] leveraged the relationship to introduce him to the company….

This is the level of corruption that the President Joe Biden (D) syndicate is engaged in. That corruption and the legacy press’ collusion in it continue today. Biden’s White House Counsel, through his spokesman,

sent a memo Tuesday, titled, “It’s Time For The Media To Do More To Scrutinize House Republicans’ Demonstrably False Claims That They’re Basing Impeachment Stunt On”….

This is Biden’s diktat to the legacy press regarding the “news coverage” they’re required to do.

House Republican leaders should be held accountable…


As you begin to cover the House GOP’s impeachment push more intensely….

The Biden instruction to the legacy media can be read here.

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