No, She Wasn’t

College volleyball player Macy Petty reacted favorably on Fox News @ Night to the House passing a bill banning biological males from competing in college sports. She also asked ChatGPT to help her shorten a tweet she wanted to transmit as part of an ongoing Twitter debate regarding transgenders and women’s sports. She was attempting to explain

that I’m an NCAA athlete, and that it’s important to champion the voice of female athletes and to stand up against this ideological war that’s going on that’s putting women in danger and taking away the opportunities for scholarships[.]

“ChatGPT” proceeded to berate her for her position instead of doing the task she’d asked the software to do, and Petty objected. She’s right to object to ChatGPT’s bigoted “correction” and “suggested” better tweet, but her opprobrium is misaimed. It wasn’t ChatGPT that berated her; it was the programmers and their supervisors who berated her via their software.

AIs, including ChatGPT, are not free agents; they cannot act independently. Like all software, they only do what they’ve been programed to do by their human programmers, and those programmers write only what their human supervisors permit them to write.

Petty was scolded by the Leftist programmer staff who wrote the AI software and programed it with Leftist biases and, in the present case, the exclusionism of allowing women only to play along in their own sports, but not actually to compete.

Full stop.

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