More Political-Centric Racism

San Francisco’s Progressive-Democrat Mayor, London Breed, may finally be beginning to see the light regarding police, at least regarding their role in drug enforcement.

Breed recently committed to cracking down on open-air drug markets in San Francisco, and announced during a Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday that police made 38 arrests in about one week.

Or not. She promptly threw it all away, and with that any supposition that her claimed crackdown is anything other than street theater. In response to Board of Supervisor (the BoS is San Francisco’s city legislature) member Dean Preston’s objection to the crackdown, Breed loosed her racist trope:

Here we go. Another White man who’s talking about Black and Brown people as if you’re the savior of those people and you speak for them.

Here we go. Another Politician playing the race card against someone who disagrees with her policies as if she is the arbiter elegantiarum [sic] of Truth and Justice. Despite there being many possible serious and logical arguments for and against police involvement in a drug crackdown, or for and against any sort of drug crackdown, what Breed has spouted is this trash.

Breed is just another racist Progressive-Democratic Party politician crying racism in place of making rational, reasoned argument.

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