It Won’t Limit Much of Anything

The Biden administration is about to release billions of dollars to the Iranian government on the hope and promise that Iran will pause its nuclear weapons program and in ransom for some Americans held in Iranian prisons. The arrangement

reportedly limits the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program in exchange for freeing Americans imprisoned and easing sanctions.


The United States’ goal is purportedly to come to an informal, unwritten agreement with Iran to prevent hostile relations between the two nations from further escalating—as Iran cracks down on internal protesters, stockpiles highly enriched uranium, and gives drones to Russia to use in Ukraine. The deal would also ease sanctions on Iran.

Informal—on what basis does this administration think the Iranian government would honor any sort of agreement with an infidel, much less an off-the-record unwritten one?

This move, if it’s allowed to run to completion, won’t limit anything but the safety of Americans and of the citizens of our friends and allies.

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