Libraries, Book Banning, and Funding

Illinois’ Progressive-Democrat politicians, including the State’s Governor, JB Pritzker, have produced a law that will withhold State funds—Illinois citizens’ tax monies already remitted—from libraries that “ban books.”

The only books being banned, though, are books on the subjects of LGBTQ+, the gay culture, and transgenderism, including books nominally on these subjects that contain graphic sexual images, that are inappropriate for young children—and they’re not even being banned, just withheld from children too young to read them or to be exposed to pornographic imagery.

Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias actually insists with a straight face that the threat to withhold State funds from libraries that move to withhold access by children to these sexualizing books is not really a matter of State centralization of librarians’ decisions.

Local librarians [he says] “have the educational and professional experience to determine what’s in circulation. Let them decide.”

Sure. They can decide as long as their decisions are approved by the State.

This is an example of the price organizations pay when they accept government funding. The strings attached are more akin to chains.

These libraries need to adjust their budgets and funding sources to eliminate the need for Illinois government-allocated dollars and go right ahead withholding from children, on age-based criteria, sexualizing, transgenderizing books.

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