“Understand Their Identities”

In a Fox News article centered on the decision by Georgia’s Professional Standards Commission to remove terms like “equity” and “inclusion” from the State’s teacher preparation standards, Aireane Montgomery, President and CEO of Georgia Educators for Equity & Justice was quoted as objecting.

I cannot imagine thinking that teachers should go into a classroom not having an understanding of how important their students’ identities are[.]

That’s not at risk from the removal of artificial criteria from the State’s teacher professional standards. Regardless, the question of students’ identities is easily resolved.

Have the students recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of the first class of each day. Teach them American history, American civics, Western history and civilization.

Teach the students their identity as American children and American citizens. That’s the truly important student identity.

Nor is it really all that hard. It needs only for school boards to enforce standards, teachers to teach to them, and above all, parents to be involved in their kids’ education, beginning with the setting of those standards.

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