Gavin Newsom’s Racism and Sexism

This is made manifest in the kerfuffle over who he has said he’ll appoint as a California Senator should sitting Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) retire before the end of her term in January 2025.

Newsom drew criticism for not appointing a Black woman to replace Kamala Harris when she assumed the vice presidency and has since vowed to do so should he receive another chance to appoint a senator.

Notice that. Newsom doesn’t say he would appoint Feinstein’s replacement on the basis of qualification for the position, on the basis of being able to function effectively as a representative of that person’s California constituents, on the basis of merit. No, he said he’d appoint someone on the basis of his first and most important criteria: that the person would be black and a woman.

Appointing someone to office because that person is black is blatantly racist.

Appointing someone to office because that person is a woman is naked sexism.

Newsom is looking to score a two-fer.

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