Gone Too Woke

Speak the truth, and be fired. Hurt someone’s feelings with that truth, and be banned altogether from your profession.

That’s what has happened to a teacher in Great Britain, a public school teacher who happens to be Christian, after having mistakenly “misgendered” (can there even be such a thing in a sane world?) a secondary school student and then compounding his sin by speaking honestly about his thoughts on gay marriage when a student asked.

The United Kingdom’s Teaching Regulation Authority, which regulates teaching and deals with serious misconduct, found that [the] former math teacher at a public secondary school in Oxford, failed to treat a student with “dignity and respect” by “misgendering” biologically female student who identified as male, the Christian Legal Centre, which has been representing [the teacher], said Tuesday.

The TRA followed up by banning the teacher from teaching indefinitely, although the agency magnanimously permitted him to appeal in 2025. Sure. As a saying goes in the US military, “Disapproved. Resubmit in 90 days for further disapproval.”

This is where our nation is headed, if we don’t step up. “Be like Europe” is the Left’s mantra, and this business in Great Britain is an example of the disaster that would be.

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