It Takes the State

The Progressive-Democrat Hillary Clinton’s claim concerning a village’s role in raising our children was an understatement. What the Progressive-Democrats actually mean, is that it takes the State to raise our children and that we parents have only the role the State chooses to grant us from time to time.

A [Washington State] Senate bill on the cusp of a House floor vote would allow homeless youth shelters to avoid notifying parents of runaway children if the juvenile is seeking “gender affirming treatment” or “reproductive health services.”
Senate Bill 5599 sponsored by Senator Marko Liias, D-Mukilteo, would also allow “host homes” to keep runaway children from their parents or legal guardians for the purpose of helping them access “gender affirmation” surgery or medical procedures. The bill cleared the Senate in a 27-19 vote on March 1.

Because Progressive-Democrat Government knows better than us parents how to raise our children, Progressive-Democrats in Washington’s government actively are looking to sanction child mutilation, and to conceal that abuse from the child’s parents.

[D]espite strong public testimony in opposition, the legislation is moving apace through that State’s government. Because the Progressive-Democrat Government even knows better than their employer, the citizens of Washington at large.

The arrogance is what makes that State-sanctioned child abuse possible.

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