It seems the Federal Reserve knew of the risks stemming from SVB management moves as long ago as 2019 [emphasis added].

In January 2019, the Fed issued a warning to SVB over its risk-management systems, according to a presentation circulated last year to employees of SVB’s venture-capital arm….
The Fed issued what it calls a Matter Requiring Attention, a type of citation that is less severe than an enforcement action. Regulators are supposed to make sure the problem is addressed, but it couldn’t be learned if the Fed held SVB to that standard in 2019.

Following the 2019 warning, the Fed informed SVB in 2020 that its system to control risk didn’t meet the expectations for a large financial institution, or a bank holding company with more than $100 billion in assets, the presentation to employees at SVB’s venture-capital arm said.


Over time, the central bank issued numerous warnings to SVB, suggesting the bank’s problems were on the radar of the Fed, the bank’s primary federal regulator.

So, what was done by the Fed’s regulators in response to this string of noncompliances?

A central-bank review of its oversight of SVB is due by May.

Will those prior whitewashes be followed up with an official whitewash?

I’m not holding my breath over a favorable outcome, which IMNSHO would include, at the very least, the public firing for cause of the Fed regulator(s) directly responsible for SVB oversight and that individual’s/team’s supervisor. Pour l’encouragement des autres régulateurs.

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