Not Charismatic Enough

…to be President. That’s the Left’s journalism take on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R).

For instance:

Politico columnist Jonathan Martin quoted Republican donor Francis Rooney calling DeSantis “a little reserved and dry” compared to past presidents….

The horror.

CNN‘s John King:

One of the questions for Ron DeSantis is he’s not a backslapper. He is not a glad-handler [sic].

Oh, my.

And so it goes on the Left. They do like President Joe Biden’s (D) charisma, though. He’s possessed of sufficient charisma that he reads his answers to press questions, he stumbles over his teleprompter prompts, he smirks and refuses to answer questions from the press. And this:

President Biden said Thursday he has “no regrets” about his handling of classified documents that were discovered at his home and former Washington, DC, office.

Because it’s charismatic to deliberately mishandle classified documents.

That’s the Left’s charisma.

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