President Joe Biden (D) was squirreling away classified documents in the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement while he was sitting in our nation’s Vice President chair. The Penn Biden Center is hosted by the University of Pennsylvania, a university with close funding ties to the Communist Party of China. It turns out that now-President Biden’s administration—in particular, his Attorney General Merrick Garland (D)—had known about this for some time (I’m eliding the fact that Biden himself has known about his classified document squirreling for the several years since he started it and has chosen to not disclose that).

Just two weeks earlier, Biden’s lawyers disclosed to government lawyers on November 2—just six days before the midterm elections—that they had found sensitive government documents with classified markings inside an office that Biden used at the Penn Biden Center think tank in Washington after he left office as Barack Obama’s vice president.

Two weeks earlier: Garland had announced on 18 November that he had named a special prosecutor to investigate former-President Donald Trump’s (R) handling of classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago.

The Biden administration covered up Biden’s mishandling of classified documents until after the mid-term elections. It’s only coming out now because Biden’s mishandling can no longer influence the mid-terms, and it’s only coming out now in an effort to dilute its impact on the Presidential election in two years.

This is another example of the way Progressive-Democrats reign over our nation.

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