What a Difference

Bakhmut is an important city in Ukraine’s eastern oblast of Donetsk, and it is under constant assault by Russia, with the barbarian hordes on the city’s outskirts and steadily raining artillery fire on the city’s apartment complexes, hospitals, and electricity and natural gas infrastructure.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy traveled deep into that city last Tuesday, while that artillery fire was going on. He was there to visit with the Ukrainian soldiers, decorate some for their valor, and to personally thank all of them for their sacrifices for their nation—rallying [the] troops on the country’s deadliest battlefield.

Meanwhile, our very own Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden is too chicken even to visit our own border—openly refusing as recently as this month when he was in Arizona, just a few miles north of the border, disgustingly saying he had more important things to do than visit our southern border. Those more important things included not a single word even from a bit upstate—not a syllable—for our CBP personnel, ICE agents, National Guard soldiers working to protect our border.

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