Progressive-Democrat Contempt

Recall the brutal murder of Keaira Bennefield in New York, who was murdered, allegedly by her estranged husband after he was released from jail, where he’d been detained—briefly—for the crime of…beating Ms Bennefield. Bennefield’s mother, in the aftermath of this failure of justice, said Hochul “should be charged for the crime. She’s also responsible for the crime.”  New York’s Progressive-Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul contemptuously dismissed the elder woman:

All I can say that is a grieving mother. I understand the anguish she’s going through. She doesn’t understand how this could have happened to her beloved daughter leaving her children—her grandchildren without their mom…. The system failed and I will just simply say—I’m not going to argue with the facts with a woman who is in such pain.

Because of course the woman can’t possibly understand the gravity of the New York system favoring criminals over victims. The woman can’t possibly understand the politics that created the system. Being a woman, she can only be irrationally overcome with grief and not at all thinking clearly during her grief.

This is the Progressive-Democratic Party.

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