Germany “Helps”

Germany has offered to ship to Ukraine 5,000 helmets and says it will “transfer” a field hospital (typically with 50-100 beds) to Ukraine in February. Ukraine had asked Germany, with its military establishment of more than 260,000,

to provide at least 100,000 helmets and protective gear….

5,000 helmets and a field hospital for an active duty establishment of more than 400,000 that’s backed up by a reserve establishment of 250,000. Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko was generous to call the helmet offer a joke. What kind of support will Germany send next, pillows? he wondered.

German law also prevents Germany from shipping weapons into a war zone or a region that might become a war zone. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz further has excused his government’s behavior by claiming lethal aid would only fuel the situation, and he’d rather find a “diplomatic” solution.

Of course, Scholz knows better. What would—what is—fueling the situation is leaving Ukraine dangerously weak in front of the Red Army, encouraging Putin to invade and conquer. The only “diplomatic” solution resulting is Ukraine’s defeat and occupation.

If Germany were serious about helping Ukraine, it would alter its law to allow arms shipments—directly from Germany or (for instance) via transfer of German-originated arms from Estonia’s establishment—into the nation that’s about to be overrun by Russia. It would correct its “thinking” on the matter and recognize that a well-armed and strong Ukraine is what makes a diplomatic solution possible.

No, Klitschko understated the matter. The German “offer” is insulting, and Scholz’ excuse-making is illustrative just how deeply is Germany kowtowing to Russia.

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