Out of Touch?

Or openly lying?

Small businesses are booming, according to the Biden-Harris administration.

President Biden’s efforts have not only helped millions of Main Street businesses keep their lights on and employees on payroll, they have enabled a remarkable rebound in small business activity, with small business demand for labor and inventories near record highs.


According to a leading survey of small business owners, the share of small businesses planning to create new jobs in the next three months is higher than it ever was at any point during the previous Administration. Another recent survey of small business owners found that 71 percent are optimistic about their own performance in 2022, up from 63 percent one year ago.

Carefully unidentified surveys. An openly identified survey, a Goldman Sachs survey, says otherwise.

86% of small business owners say that broader economic trends, such as supply chain issues, inflation, and workforce challenges, are having a negative impact on their small businesses


66% of impacted businesses say it is a problem for their business that suppliers are favoring large businesses over small businesses….


84% of small business owners say inflationary pressures have increased since September of 2021


Two-thirds of small business owners do not think the Federal government has done enough to address the economic trends


29% [of small business owners] think things in the US are moving in the right direction, reflecting a 38% decline since June of 2021.

That should be an embarrassing disconnect for the Biden-Harris administration, which makes me repeat my question: are the personages in this administration, from Biden-Harris on down, that far out of touch, or are they openly lying to us?

Either way, this is an incompetent administration, and it’s going to be a dangerous three years, domestically as well as globally.

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