Training for the New Corporate World

A new cottage industry (here, the cottages are mansions) is springing up.

US companies are turning to programs aimed at preparing women and people of color for corporate board roles in a bid to comply with calls from regulators and investors to diversify their directors.
Law firms, universities, and current directors of companies have launched new or expanded programs over the past few years to coach prospective board candidates, offering training on topics from corporate governance to committee work. Some programs are free or sponsored by companies, while others can cost thousands of dollars.
Sponsors are hoping to broaden the pool of people who are ready to fill board roles….

What are these folks doing to improve things from the ground up—improving the quality of K-12 education (real education, not CRT garbage or other “equity, diversity, inclusive” claptrap)? That’s where the real preparation for the world occurs, and preparation for the peaks of the corporate world will fall out of that.

Absent any of that basic prep aid, all these wonders are doing is virtue-signaling so they can feel good.

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