A Poll

And a cynically timed one, at that. FiveThirtyEight ran a poll against the backdrop of a potential Supreme Court ruling regarding abortion, asking for abortion stories from women who’d had them.

And they ran that poll on Christmas Day, a day when hundreds of millions of Americans, and billions of Christians globally, celebrate the birth—not the abortion—of a child.

Aside from that tone-deaf, if not cynical, timing, the crowd also didn’t get the answers for which it was looking, even though it equally cynically distorted the subject altogether.

[FiveThirtyEight] states…”And now it seems likely that the Supreme Court will limit the right to abortion even further. As we document the impact of these shifts, we want to include the voices of people who have had abortions in the U.S.”

That’s the cynical mischaracterization of a potential (it’s far from a done deal) Supreme Court outcome.

What the Supreme Court might do is acknowledge the right of babies to their life by limiting access to medical procedures for killing those babies before they’re born.

The voices of those who choose a baby’s life answered the poll far more so than those who favor a mother’s “right” to kill her baby, so long as it’s not yet born. It’ll be interesting to see whether FiveThirtyEight‘s managers publish their poll’s outcome, and if they do, how they characterize it.

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