The Control of the People’s Republic of China

The nation appears to be close to running the United Nations as its own PR firm. Emma Reilly was an Irish Human Rights Officer with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Then she gave an interview to Le Monde [Google Translate is friendly enough] in which she described the UNHCR as having giving up the names of Chinese dissidents who were to travel to Geneva to testify before the UNHCR to the People’s Republic of China, just because the PRC demanded the information.


Since the beginning of September, this 42-year-old Irishwoman…has no longer had access to her professional emails. This is the price to pay for denouncing the privileges that the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has granted to China under pressure.

That objection was raised first with High Commissioner for Human Rights, who chose not to respond, then with a number of governments, including ours, also with nary a meaningful response. Only then did she go to the press.

She was fired from the UN the day after her Le Monde interview, with no objection from any of the UNHCR members or from the UN membership at large. Not even the Biden-Harris administration directly or via the administration’s ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, dared issue a peep of objection. Not even when she raised the problems with the Biden-Harris administration’s UN missions in New York and in Geneva.

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