Managing Sensibilities

But whose? Managing French sensibilities is never easy, The Wall Street Journal‘s editors open their editorial.

But what about Australian sensibilities? What about Brit sensibilities? What, above all, about the sensibilities of us average Americans?

I was under the impression that certain things had happened that hadn’t happened…I was under the impression that France had been informed long before that the deal was not going through. I, honest to God, did not know you had not been.

President Joe Biden (D) said that with an absolutely straight face to French President Emmanuel Macron.

Either Biden is lying through his teeth, or he has no control over what’s going on in his own Biden-Harris administration.

Either one alone demonstrates conclusively his unfitness for office. Both together….

How can Australians rely on this administration to say “G’day” and mean it, much less to maintain firm support for AUKUS? How can the Brits trust anything coming out of Biden’s mouth?

How can any American trust this administration regarding anything at all?

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