Holman Jenkins had a Wall Street Journal op-ed in which he described the indictment of Boeing’s 737 MAX Chief Technical Pilot, Mark Forkner, as not necessarily the end of the investigation into Boeing’s MAX failures that led to two fatal MAX crashes.

Jenkins didn’t come right out and say it, so I will. I will also add a couple of questions that Jenkins didn’t ask in his piece.

Straight out: Forkner looks more like Boeing’s scapegoat than he does a major contributor to Boeing’s MAX failures, for all of Forkner’s serious involvement in those failures.

Additional questions: as a test director for a major Defense contractor in my former life, I ask who tested this stuff? Where are they in the investigative/indictment phase of this charade?

Where is Boeing management, who permitted—created—the corporate culture where such shoddiness, if not outright lazy negligence, could exist?

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