It’s a Start

And it’s coming from a county school board in North Carolina.

A North Carolina county school board has passed a policy that will discipline or fire teachers who undermine the US Constitution, tell students that American historical figures weren’t heroes or portray racism as systemic in America.
The vote Friday by the Johnston County school board is part of a larger campaign to stamp out critical race theory from American schools.

This is a critical start, even if it did come only after the County’s Board of Commissioners had threatened to withhold $7.9 million until the school board acted.

The next step is to include in the curriculum an emphasis on a number of aspects of the shameful acts of our history that really did occur, unlike the…nonsense…in the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory:

  • It was the Democratic Party that demanded slavery in one of “their” new States for every free State admitted to our nation during the run-up to our Civil War
  • It was the Democratic Party that took “their” States out of our nation and forced that Civil War
  • It was the Democratic Party that, in the aftermath of that Civil War, produced the KKK to keep freed blacks “in their place,” lynching and otherwise murdering those and their white supporters who didn’t “mind their place”
  • It was the Democratic Party that, in the aftermath of that Civil War, pushed for gun controls explicitly to keep freed blacks unarmed and helpless against their KKK
  • It was the Democratic Party that enacted Jim Crow laws to keep black Americans from being able to vote
  • It was the Democratic Party that pushed for, and enforced in “their” States, segregation
  • It was the Democratic Party that pushed for minimum wage laws in order to keep southern black Americans from moving north and earning a living by competing for jobs on the basis of the pay they’d require for their labor

In today’s current event lessons, it’s also necessary to emphasize continuing aspects of our history:

  • It’s today’s Progressive-Democrats that still push for gun controls, with those controls’ disparate impact on minorities’—blacks’ in particular—ability to defend themselves
  • It’s today’s Progressive-Democrats that push to defund police departments, so no one else—particularly government—can defend them, either
  • It’s today’s Progressive-Democrats that are reviving segregation by pushing identity politics
  • It’s today’s Progressive-Democrats that, in a back door Jim Crow move, are pushing to defeat or rescind already enacted voting laws that both make it easier to vote—particularly for minorities—and make the voting more secure

These aspects of our history, and the players involved, are too often glossed over in our grade school history lessons, in our junior high history and civics lessons, and in high school.

One thought on “It’s a Start

  1. And it’s the same Progressives pushing CRT and BLM in all their variably-named manifestations – because they believe, or cynically promote, the idea the “people of color” can’t perform as well and thus do for themselves. It also implies that non-colored people (my grandmother called them “Coloreds” and that was racist … hmmm) wouldn’t succeed without the suppression their skin color enables. So … we’re ALL losers without Progressivism. Power plays never really change, because too often they work.

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