Somebody’s Racism in Action

Progressive-Democrats; their communications organ, the Press; and the Left generally accuse former President Donald Trump of racism. They hardly pass up a chance to make the accusation, even today.

A just completed Federal Reserve analysis of the just completed Federal census and a Brookings Institute (no right-leaning organization that) say otherwise.

While income inequality exists among racial and ethnic groups, the Brookings Institute points out in several reports that black and Hispanic households have made statistically significant economic progress especially in the years prior to pandemic-related shutdowns in 2020.
An analysis by the Federal Reserve, for instance, found wealth for African Americans and Hispanic Americans grew far faster during the Trump years than for whites.
Between 2016 and 2019, median wealth rose for all race and ethnicity groups, the Fed report states, but growth rates during this period “were faster for Black and Hispanic families.” Wealth increased for Black families by 33% and for Hispanic families by 65% during this period, compared to white families, whose wealth only increased by 3%.


[The minority] poverty rate reached record lows in 2019, according to Census data. The Black poverty rate of 18.8% was the lowest it has been since 1959 when poverty estimates were first recorded for this group.
In 2019, the poverty rate for Hispanics, 15.7%, was also the lowest on record since data for this group was first recorded in 1972. The poverty rate for Asians was also the lowest on record of 7.3%. The poverty rate of 7.3% for non-Hispanic Whites in 2019 was the same as the poverty rate of 7.3% in 1973.

It’s not just relative wealth, either. The economic upward mobility that Americans used to enjoy, and then lost in recent years, was greatly improved, also.

…84% of the middle class in 1979 was white, 2% was Black, 2% Hispanic, and 2% “other.”
By 2019, whites had fallen to 59% of the middle class, while 12% was Black, 18% was Hispanic, and 10% was listed as “other.”

The list goes on in the JtN article.

If Trump was being racist, he sucked at it, achieving precisely the opposite for minorities.

No, the racism in action is that of the Progressive-Democrats; their communications organ, the Press; and the Left generally with their routine manufacture of a race beef where they knew, and know today, full well none exists.

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