Tax Gaps

And tax gaps.

Congressman Kevin Brady (R, TX) and Senator Mike Crapo (R, ID) are properly concerned about the gap between taxes collected by the IRS and taxes actually owed by Americans and our businesses.

Their concerns are entirely valid, but they’re secondary.

When asked where Brady would prioritize reforms within the IRS, he told FOX Business he would like to see the agency do better with the resources it has, including smarter auditing and better information gathering to target and win cases against taxpayers.
Secondly, he said he would like to see funds put toward customer service initiatives.

That’s all to the very important good. However, none of that will occur until a far more important reform, a far wider tax gap, is corrected: the replacement of all IRS bureaucrats, from IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig on down into middle management. Those bureaucrats think they’re a government unto themselves and not at all responsible to Congress or even the Executive Branch.

Look no further than Rettig’s own refusal to answer the questions Crapo has asked—

In a letter sent to Rettig in May, Crapo asked for clarification as to where the figure came from before Congress began making policy decisions based on it.
His office told FOX Business at the end of last month that it had still not gotten a satisfactory response….

—and to the behavior of Lois Lerner and the lack of action regarding her miscreancies.

That’s the tax gap that cries out for closing.

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