One Outcome

…of President Joe Biden’s (D) timidity.

Russia is testing hypersonic cruise missiles in the White Sea, and announcing that they’re nuclear capable. The Russian Embassy in the US now says

We would like to remind @PentagonPressSec that potential deployment of any [American flag] hypersonic [missile] in Europe would be extremely destabilizing. Their short flight time would leave [Russian flag] little to no decision time and raise the likelihood of inadvertent conflict.

“We’re arming in Europe with nuclear capable hypersonic cruise missiles. You stay out. Be too bad if something was to happen.”

Alongside that, the People’s Republic of China is threatening Japan with nuclear destruction if that nation dares object to the PRC’s conquering and occupation of the Republic of China, as the PRC is more and more openly plotting to do.

This comes as Biden repeatedly barks loudly from the safety of his White House porch while doing nothing to back his yapping.

Timidity breeds far more and more dangerous contempt than does familiarity.

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