Migrant Voters

And no, I don’t mean illegal aliens as potential voters.

Last spring, before Texas’ cowards, no, flee-baggers, no, Progressive-Democrats ran away from Texas explicitly to block voting on new voting laws (!), the State’s legislature succeeded in passing a voting law that, among other things, prevented folks from renting a post office box, claiming residency from that in that PO’s district, and voting away. Instead, the law requires folks to have an actual street address at an actual residence—house, apartment, what-have-you—and actually live there.

Leftists object to that and have filed suit.

They don’t care (or maybe they do care; it’s the sort of thing Progressive-Democrats last fall openly contemplated during the runoff election campaigns for Georgia’s Senator seats) that establishing residency by getting a post office box—which shrinks the concept of mobile tiny houses to new levels of mobility and tininess—is simply an open invitation to setting up waves of migrant voters to be sent to key jurisdictions in order to swing elections.

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