Biden Says

President Joe Biden (D) sees no problem with his spending proposals. Could he actually be right? Here’s a thought on that.

Biden said runaway government spending isn’t inflationary (although he doesn’t recognize the runaway nature of his spending).

Biden missed the opportunity to claim that runaway government (re)regulation also is a net good (although he wouldn’t characterize his reregulation as runaway).

But the two work in concert to control inflation.

Government spending crowds out the private economy’s spending. Government regulation makes the means of production a government concern.

One buyer—Government—and one supplier—Government—means only one price—Government’s. One price means no inflation.

It’s simple, really.

2 thoughts on “Biden Says

  1. That’s also communism. Very simple. And an utter failure except in causing misery, where it’s wildly successful.

    • Even Nikole Hannah-Jones recognizes as much, with her statement that Cuba is the most leveled nation in the Western Hemisphere:
      Cuba has the least inequality between Black and white people anyplace really in the hemisphere.
      She’s right: there’s very broad equality of poverty and misery in Cuban society. Only a tiny minority–the inevitable exceptions–deviate from that norm.
      Eric Hines

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