Rich Man’s Toys

A couple of stinking rich guys hopped into space and came back down, opening up space tourism—which itself remains the province of the rich. Another stinking rich guy already is bringing down the cost of business venturing into space.

The Precious and the bodice-ripping virtue signalers are all aghast—loudly so—over this immoral (these holier-than-thou bleat) use of a wealthy man’s money. They should have spent their money on Better Things here on Earth in order to make Lives Better.

Never mind that all of the long-lasting life improvers have begun as rich men’s toys.

Here are some other things that began as rich men’s toys but whose market creation playing pushed production up and prices down to the point they became mainstream commodities:

  • printing presses
  • light bulbs
  • central heating for homes
  • oil- and coal-fired home heating furnaces
  • gas-fired home heating furnaces
  • electrically heated homes
  • window air conditioners
  • which expanded to central air conditioning in our homes and commercial buildings
  • ice boxes
  • which became ever-fancied-up refrigerators with freezers and separate freezers
  • telephones
  • radios
  • televisions
  • automobiles
  • automobiles with power steering
  • automobiles with power brakes
  • automobiles with air conditioning
  • air travel

That’s just a short list, but they’re yet more reasons I, too, want to get stinking rich. Which requires a burgeoning, free market, capitalist economy to achieve honestly.

I’ll happily not burden myself along the way with the Know Better Naysayers.

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