What Problem is being Addressed?

What problem are President Joe Biden (D) and his Progressive-Democrat brethren trying to fix?

It’s not the rescue of an already strongly growing economy. The expansion numbers are:

  • GDP growth for Q3-2020 33.4%, Q4-2020 4.3%, Q1-2021 6.4%
  • unemployment at 6.0% and falling as of March 2021
  • labor force participation rate rising from January 2021 61.4% to March 2021 61.5%
  • rising PMI from Jan 2021 59.2 (itself already quite high) to March 2021 64.7

Not the problems of an already waning threat from the Wuhan Virus situation

  • rapidly declining case rates
  • rapidly declining mortality rates
  • accelerating vaccination rates from Operation Warp Speed, begun in high numbers in late 2020

No, the problem Biden, et al., are trying to fix is the impermanence of Progressive-Democrat power.

That’s what’s behind their attempts to

  • eliminate our nation’s borders
  • seize Federal control over States’ election procedures
  • create, through their administrative state, a permanent welfare state
  • restructure and pack the Supreme Court

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