Here’s an empirical example of the contempt in which Progressive-Democrats hold us ordinary Americans, this one from California.

California leaders are now saying key data on the virus is not being made public because it would “mislead” the public.


With no end in sight, 98% of the state’s population was recently under stay-at-home orders, when the governor decided to lift restrictions on some areas, yet unable to explain why.

Department of Public Health spokeswoman Ali Bay:

At the moment the projections are not being shared publicly.
These fluid, on-the-ground conditions cannot be boiled down to a single data point—and to do so would mislead and create greater uncertainty for Californians[.]

So why not pass along all the data and let California’s citizens evaluate and decide for themselves? Because they, the rest of us in the eyes of our Betters, are just too grindingly stupid to be trusted with thinking for themselves, ourselves.

We must have our Betters do for us.

DPH has now, post hoc, released some of those data. But they still refuse to explain how those data influenced, much less informed, their decisions. Apparently California citizens remain too unutterably stupid to be able to do their own evaluations.

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