Rules for Thee-In-Chief

Recall that President Joe Biden “one day one,” or thereabouts, issued an Executive Order requiring all personnel—no exceptions or caveats contained in his EO—to wear masks at all times on Federal property (among other locations).

Recall, further, that just hours after he signed that EO, Biden was maskless at the Lincoln Memorial along with daughter Ashley and “older grandchildren,” who also were maskless.

Asked about that, White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki said that Biden has “bigger issues” to worry about than following his own rule about wearing a face mask on federal property, including, apparently, “celebrating” a “historic day in our country.”

Psaki concluded her answer with the mask mandate had “sent a message” to the public.

Indeed, it has.

Rules are for the little people. Progressive-Democrats and their doings are too important for such petty things.

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