“Good Union Jobs”

That was Joe Biden’s mantra all through his campaign.  Now Karl Zinsmeister, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed asks this question: Will Biden’s Education Nominee Stand for Students or for Unions?

Supposedly, his nominee, Miguel Cardona, is pro-student:

Dacia Toll, CEO of the Achievement First charter-school network that operates in Connecticut, says of Mr Cardona: “I haven’t found him to be driven by ideology and politics. He is more focused on making sure every kid gets an excellent education than the type of school they go to.”

Zinsmeister hopes Cardona is made of stern stuff and will resist the pressure he’ll get from the unionists in his administration, elsewhere in his Cabinet, and in Congress.

I’m not that sanguine. Who has this good union man, Joe Biden, nominated? At best, a token offered as a sop to all those in Congress who are to the right of the radical left progressives (but I repeat myself) who are the Progressive-Democratic Party. More likely, a shiny object cynically offered to distract those worthies from the far more broadly insidious policies of the Progressive-Democrats.

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