“Fair Enough”

That’s what The Wall Street Journal‘s editorial board thinks of Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s rationalization of his refusal to publish his list (assuming it exists) of judges from which he’d pick nominations to the Supreme Court.

Mr Biden has resisted naming individuals he’d consider for the Supreme Court, saying it would subject them to undue criticism. Fair enough—Mr Trump’s practice of making his short-list public is not required of other candidates.

Fair enough? No. Ridiculous and cynical. Trump’s lists of judges from which he’d select nominees for judge and Justice have been long publicized. The lists themselves have been criticized for not being definitive enough or lacking this or that candidate—the stuff of all lists. Judges on the lists have been criticized, too, with commentary on their writings and opinions suggesting too much conservatism or not enough.

But the only time—the only judge—on all of those lists “undue criticism” (a cynical euphemism if ever there was one in the present case) has occurred has been the present all-out assault on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s religion, integrity, and character being perpetrated by Biden’s Party cronies and Party supporters in the NLMSM.

Biden’s rationalization is wholly cynical if it isn’t merely projection.

Then there’s Biden’s primary criteria for anyone he’d nominate for the Supreme Court. Like Party’s pick for his Vice President candidate, Biden’s judicial criteria are, first and foremost, gender and race.

[H]e would appoint the first African-American woman to the Supreme Court.

His nominee’s understandings of our Constitution, of judicial oaths of office, of law don’t enter into it until far down his list of qualifying criteria.

The intrinsic sexist and racist bigotry in Biden’s selection criteria is just disgusting. It’s no wonder he doesn’t want to talk overmuch about his potential nominees.

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