He Misspoke?

Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke to a few reporters who, along with a few union bigwigs, were his entire audience (carefully unfilmed by the press, in contrast to the frequently done panning across President Donald Trump’s audiences with a view to “worrying” about masks and social distancing) at his Warren, MI, campaign stop the other day.

At that campaign event, Biden said that our armed forces had seen 118,984 cases and 6,114 deaths.

Stop and think about that. The context of that particular claim was Biden taking Trump to task for the latter’s alleged mishandling of our nation’s Wuhan Virus situation, haranguing him over the deaths that have resulted and how Trump should have done better. It was within that, that Biden made his charge of hundreds of thousands of Wuhan Virus cases and thousands of Wuhan Virus deaths in our military.

Shortly after Biden made that charge, his Deputy Rapid Response Director, Michael Gwin, “clarified” Biden’s remarks: the military has had only 7 deaths from the virus; Biden mistakenly had read the wrong datum from his notes and had read off Michigan’s virus statistics.

Now think about that. Biden, knowing full well the vanishingly small number of virus-generated deaths in our military, accidentally and unquestioningly read off Michigan’s far larger numbers in support of his castigation?

That’s what Gwin would have us believe. Never mind that Biden had those data written down in his notes.


Biden’s error was not a misspeak, nor was it a “senior moment,” as others might think.

Biden’s error was in his thinking he could utter such an obvious lie and get away with it.

On the other hand, maybe I can interest Gwin’s audience in investing in a bridge across Lake St Clair that I hear the Biden Infrastructure Program is planning on building.

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