He Ain’t Black

It’s not just Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s attitude about blacks who don’t support him or otherwise toe the Party’s line.

It’s the Progressive-Democratic Party as a whole.

Black ex-Progressive-Democratic Party Tennessee State Representative John DeBerry, Jr, has been purged from Party.  He didn’t toe the Party line, so he’s not black enough for Party.

I’ve never had a Republican opponent. My opponents have always been those of my own party who refuse to allow me to have my own opinions, my own beliefs and to make my own stands. If I don’t walk the chalk line, talk like they tell me to talk, then I am therefore not a Democrat[.]

JtN cited him further:

The veteran state lawmaker said that the party took issue with his biblical values, including his “belief in the Scriptures, a biblical standard of morality, a biblical standard of ethics, in life, in marriage, in parental responsibility and parental authority.”

‘Course, this speech likely didn’t endear him to Party.

This is the Party that wants to reign over us.

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