“There’s Little Democratic Center Left to Hold”

Several letter writers in a recent The Wall Street Journal Letters section have expressed that sentiment. This version is typical:

The Democratic Party is solidly under leftist control.

Of course, Party has a center to hold. The perception that there is not, however, is illustrative of the situation.

The Progressive-Democratic Party as a whole has moved left, a long way left. The center of Party is in that far left region, and the Progressives in Party have taken it there. Those Progressives include the top of the present ticket.

Kamala Harris, as one other letter writer pointed out at one time or another, has endorsed five of the 11 progressive positions while rejecting only 2: abolishing ICE and supporting the anti-Israel BDS movement.  Joe Biden at the start of his campaign bragged that he was the farthest left of all of the then-candidates, and in a recent speech, he bragged further that if he’s able to enact his policies, he’d be the most Progressive President since FDR.

It’s clear that Party has abandoned any pretense of being anywhere near the nation’s political center, but it most assuredly has its own center, in all its infamy.

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