The Progressive-Democratic Party Convention

The main themes of Party’s convention were these:

President Donald Trump is a bad man.

We’re a diverse party, dammit!

We need votes.

Trump is bad.

The economy is bad.

Coronavirus is Trump’s fault.

Because Trump is bad.

We need votes.

America is racist.

Kamala Harris has a cool family (except for her son, who didn’t appear in the family paeons).

Joe Biden is a cool father.

We need votes.

America is failing on the world stage.

Did we mention Trump is bad? And we need votes?

Not a single word on Progressive-Democrat policies—not even a mention of Party’s platform. Just glittering, empty generalities about how Party intends to circumscribe individual liberties and rights: seizing our firearms and dictating to us what weapons we will be permitted to keep and Bear and our purpose in the keeping and bearing; open borders and free welfare for illegal aliens while thus diluting the rights and gains of native Americans and immigrants who came legally; their Green New Deal, which severely limits Americans’ access to reliable energy and transportation fuels, as California is demonstrating with its green energy-dependent rolling blackouts; and child care as infrastructure for families while their Wuhan Virus-related lockdowns prevents families from going back to work at all. Not a word, carefully not a word, on how they intend to implement any of these glitters.

Not a single syllable about the violence wracking all those Progressive-Democrat-run cities, cities like Portland, Seattle, New York City, Baltimore, Chicago.

But it’ll be a disaster if Trump is elected and we’re not. Because we’re so cool.

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