I Got a Text Message

It was my first political text message, and it was from Powered by People, a Progressive-Democrat supporting organization. From their Web site, this:

Powered by People will not only be working in competitive State House districts, we will be expanding our organizing to every single one of the 254 counties of Texas, calling and texting every single Democrat to make sure that we help lead the largest voter turnout program in the history of the state.

Here’s the text; the recipient’s name is withheld to protect the person’s privacy:

Hi ****, this is Sharon, a volunteer w/Powered by People. As a Texan, will you vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump this November?

My response:

This isn’t ****.
How typical of the Progressive-Democratic Party to do such sloppy work.
To answer your question, though, as a proud Texan, I’ll be voting for the overall good of our nation; I’ll be voting for Donald Trump.

This mistake also illustrates the potential for massive error represented by universal mail-in voting: misaddressed and so undelivered and mis-handled ballots, just lying around waiting for “others” to fraudulently fill in and submit.

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