Panic Over Kern County, California

Kern County, California, is in serious Wuhan Virus trouble. Or so think some journalists and the State of California.

Residents of the agriculture-rich Central Valley are falling victim to Covid-19 at the highest rates in California….


Kern County, which lies in the Central Valley’s southernmost part, had the highest per capita rate of new Covid-19 infections in California between July 31 and Aug. 13, averaging 56.2 new cases per 100,000 people….

Now for some context, using Alejandro Lazo’s—he’s the author of the piece at the link—own numbers.

In total, 25,888 people there have been infected and 204 have died, according to the county health department. Statewide, California recorded 601,075 cases as of Friday and 10,996 deaths.

The mortality rate in Kern, given an infection, is 0.8%

Statewide, the mortality rate is 1.8%.

Both rates are quite low (so why are Newsom and the NLMSM in such a blind panic?), but Kern looks quite a bit safer than the State at large, contrary to the tone of the article.

Go figure.

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