Another Lie

Kevin Clinesmith, an ex-FBI lawyer at the heart of the Eric Holder FBI’s smear of Carter Page as part of the Progressive-Democrats’ effort to get back at Donald Trump for his effrontery in winning a Presidential election, has been charged with doctoring an email to justify a surveillance warrant against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Here’s the additional lie:

Mr. Clinesmith’s attorney says his client didn’t intend to mislead the court.

He deliberately altered an email to say the opposite of what it actually said when preparing it to be forwarded in support of a surveillance application. How is it possible to do that without intending to mislead the court?

Sounds to me like another of Clinesmith’s lies, this time through his lawyer.

Laughably, some (not the editors) are arguing Clinesmith altered the email to

…convey to the court that Page was not sent by the CIA to meet with the Russians. That’s the difference between an “operational contact” and a “source”. … He shouldn’t have changed the other guy’s email to do it and he therefore is guilty of that, but what he was trying to convey was the truth.

Not quite. If Clinesmith had been interested in the truth, he would have included a separate note explaining his FBI view of the CIA‘s difference between “source” and “operational contact.” He chose not to; he chose to alter the CIA email to say the opposite of what the CIA said about its own asset.

Clinesmith knew what he was doing, and he lied about it.

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