Congresswoman Karen Bass (D, CA) now denies she’s a Castro simpática.

What Bass said when Fidel Castro died—in 2016, mind you—was this:

I wish to express my condolences to the Cuban people and the family of Fidel Castro. The passing of the comandante en jefe is a great loss to the people of Cuba.

Now she’s claiming

…she did not realize the impact she would have by referring to Castro as commander in chief of Florida’s Cuban exile community.

Notice that: impact on the Cuban émigrés in Florida. Her original statement claimed Castro’s death was a loss to the Cuban people. On the island, as well as those who escaped to Florida, or to other nations besides the US. Apparently, she still sees Castro’s death as a loss to the people of Cuba still trapped in Cuba.

This highly talented politician—a Federal Congresswoman and high on the Progressive-Democratic Party’s short list for Vice President candidate—for whom words are her stock in trade, did not understand what she was saying, did not under stand the words and phrasing she was selecting as she wrote them for her speech.


Can anyone seriously believe Bass? She spoke her truth from her heart the first time. Now she’s speaking only to cover her political behind.

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