Expanding Its Economic War

The People’s Republic of China is expanding the economic war it’s been waging against the US to include an important American ally and friend in the Pacific: Australia.

China has blacklisted four red-meat-processing plants in Australia, suspending beef imports from them.

According to one analyst interviewed by national broadcaster ABC, the three plants [in Queensland] combined produce some 35% of beef exports to China, Australia’s largest trading partner.

People’s Republic of China Ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye, in April:

Maybe the ordinary people will say “Why should we drink Australian wine? Eat Australian beef?”

The move comes as Australia calls for an investigation into the PRC’s role in its Wuhan Virus breakout and rapid spread to the rest of the world.

This is a war that we, and our Aussie friends (and the EU, should that entity find the courage), need to prosecute zealously to a strongly favorable conclusion. Japan and the Republic of Korea need to be ready to join the effort: the PRC will turn on them next.

The PRC, this Warring State, cannot be allowed to succeed in its economic destruction attempts or its threats of same. Crushing the bully also will prove favorable for the Republic of China, and it will prove beneficial for other nations trying to break away from the PRC, including in particular Vietnam.

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