United Nations and Racism

The UN’s World Health Organization has come under fire for its pandering to the People’s Republic of China over the latter’s mishandling of the Wuhan Virus situation, a pandemic that originated in the PRC’s Wuhan, Hubei Province.

Now the WHO’s chief, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is crying racism by the Republic of China because the RoC has been one of the vocal critics.

Tedros claimed he had been personally attacked, had suffered racist abuse and had even received death threats.
”This attack came from Taiwan,” said the WHO chief, who is a former Ethiopian health and foreign minister and the organization’s first African leader.

Having made his racist beef, though,

The basis of his allegations were unclear and neither the WHO, nor Tedros provided specific examples.

Never mind that Tedros’ WHO, at the PRC’s behest, ignored the RoC’s early warnings about the nature of the virus’ outbreak in Wuhan, and that Tedros, also at the PRC’s behest, has excluded the RoC from participating in research related to the Wuhan Virus.

Now, with no one at the UN’s WHO willing to provide any evidence of RoC racism toward Tedros, it’s clear that, unable to defend the WHO’s own mishandling of the Wuhan Virus situation, Tedros is making up his racist beef out of whole cloth.

Which is racist.

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