Socialism Strikes Baseball

Major league baseball is moving to rid itself of its minor league teams—42 of them—in a couple of years.  Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders (I, VT) demurs.

Closing down minor league teams like the [Lancaster, Single-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies] JetHawks would be a disaster for baseball fans, workers, and communities across the country.  We must protect these teams from corporate greed.

Because corporations are welfare organizations, not for-profit enterprises for the benefit of their owners, who have their money at risk.

Sanders was supported by a letter to the MLB from 100 Congressmen:

If enacted, [the elimination] would undermine the health of the minor league system that undergirds talent development and encourages fan loyalty.  It would particularly be felt in areas far from a major league team or where tickets to a major league game are cost-prohibitive.

All of that may well be true.  However, in a free market economy, that’s a decision of the business owners, and it will be supported or rejected in that market by the folks to whom those owners are truly beholden, their customers.

Never mind all that, though.  Playing baseball is a human right.  Baseball corporations are obligated to have non-major league teams.

At least in socialist economies.

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