On Veteran’s Day, last Monday, University of Virginia President James Ryan—you remember Virginia, the State that just went full-on Progressive-Democrat the prior week—canceled the University’s 21-gun salute part of what used to be the school’s Veterans Day ceremony.  Ryan’s rationalization (as opposed to rationale) was two-fold.

[F]irst, to minimize disruptions to classes, given that this event is located at the juncture of four primary academic buildings and is held at a time that classes are in session….

Surprisingly (or perhaps not), it seems never to have occurred to him that classes could have been not in session on this day, or during this hour, or that students could have been allowed excused absences on this day, or during this hour.

His other rationalization:

second, recognizing concerns related to firing weapons on the Grounds in light of gun violence that has happened across our nation, especially on school and university campuses.

Because, apparently, Ryan has no confidence in his professors’ ability to teach UVA pupils enough capacity for critical thought to be able to distinguish between real gun violence (a rarity) and a celebratory firing, annually, to honor those who fought, were killed, or were maimed in defense of the right to be snowflakes.

Consistent with the foregoing, though, Ryan chose to duck his role in this business, blaming it on his Provost and the ROTC commander. He doesn’t even have the courage of his own convictions.


H/t Texan99, writing on Grim’s Hall.

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