Some Numbers

…on President Donald Trump’s war on women.  Here they are for women-led households.  The latest Census Bureau report says

  • the share of workers in female-led households who worked full-time year-round increased by 4.2 percentage points among blacks
  • 6 percentage points among Hispanics.

Notice that.  Not 4.2 percent—4.2 percentage points.

Then there’re these numbers:

  • real median earnings for female households with no spouse present jumped 7.6% last year.
  • poverty rate among female households declined 2.7 percentage points for blacks
  • declined 4 percentage points for Hispanics
  • declined 7.1 percentage points for their children


  • jobless rate for black women in August fell to a historic low of 4.4%
  • jobless rate for Hispanic women was 4.2%

Trump sure is doing a lousy job in his war on women. Right up there with his poor performance as a racist.

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