Be Like Europe, Progressives Say

Here’s another example of the Europe the Left demands we emulate.

Vincent, the 42-year-old man’s name is, had a terrible accident 11 years ago that left him a brain-damaged quadriplegic.  He’s been in a French hospital, in Reims, ever since, variously rated as “semi-conscious” and “in a vegetative state.”  Yet, he eats, sleeps, and responds to his mother’s conversation.

The French medical system is not the central, government-as-single-payer “medical” system that is the ideal of our own Left, but the French government does decide on euthanasia. That government has made the decision that Vincent is no longer worth the trouble of helping to live.  His feeding tube is to be removed, and he’s to be killed by starvation.

And when his mother told him of the French Court of Cassation’s (the French supreme court for civil cases, which this one is; there is no appeal) decision that he was to die, he cried.

The officials of this European government don’t even have the courage to kill the man outright with their own hands. They’re happy simply to stand on the sidelines, give the order, and let him die the agonizing death of starvation.  He doesn’t even get to eat cake.

Yay, Progressives.

And now he’s dead. I wrote the above last Wednesday when Vincent was alive. The French government ordered his killing, French doctors hospital pulled his feeding and hydration tubes the next day, and Vincent has died.

Isn’t government involvement in health care grand.

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