“Diverse Community”

The City Council of St Louis Park, MN, a Minneapolis suburb and in Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s (D, MN) district, has objected to our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance to the point of voting to stop their practice of reciting it prior to Council meetings.

The mayor objected, and so did 100 protestors present for the vote—when was the last time 100 protestors assembled for a city council meeting?  Despite that, the Council’s vote was unanimous: 5-0.

The amendment to the council’s rules was characterized as an effort to serve a more “diverse community….”

More diverse.  Except for those who don’t think in the correct manner about the right things.  Except for those who love and respect our national flag.

There isn’t any more diverse community than the United States.  Or it used to be that way, before the Left and its Progressive-Democratic Party political arm started excluding those whom they hold in disfavor.

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